A battle royal up in the clouds where you control all the characters, packed up nicely in a cute puzzle package.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
TagsCute, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, Isometric, Unity


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Really love the mood (balls are a hilarious mix of Angry Birds and Rick and Morty)! The concept is great, you could go for very interesting puzzles. I enjoyed the levels!

It would be great to have some sounds and music to continue build up the atmosphere.

Congrats :)

Thank you! Yeah sounds would definitely make it better, maybe in the future! 

The idea is really cool! Definitely wish for more levels (and maybe some sound) but what was there was a good start

Thank you! Yeah more levels and sound was something I had to cut because of the deadline. I always skip the sound on jams, and always regret it after.

Fun game! I really like the idea that only one 'ball' can reach the end in a level, which matches the theme nicely. (There seems to be a wrong block in level 4, I see a hole block but it acts as a solid block)

Thanks for the kind words! Which block are we talking about? Will definitely try and fix that hehe.